Highest Lift & Slide U Value in the Industry*


0.26 U Value

Dual Pane Lift & Slide and Folding Door Systemsslider Schötten Fenster just received certified NFRC ratings, and all of our product offerings test to a U Value of 0.26 with the ability to achieve higher ratings upon request.

 * wood, dual pane, multi slide configuration



0.22 U Value

largewindowThis recently completed project boasts 15′ tall arched windows in a singular frame. The windows have been constructed with a triple gasket system and high efficiency glass.



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Made in the USA

Custom Door Systems Made in the USA



SCHÖTGLASS Lift & Slide or Patio Life door systems operate based on the European “friction free” principle, allowing for effortless gliding. Either stacking or hiding in a pocket, these versatile door systems can be fitted to meet your design criteria.

  • Made in USA
  • German Engineered
  • Stacking, pocketing, corner meet, or motorized
  • All wood, wood-aluminum exterior, wood-bronze exterior, thermally broken aluminum, or steel
  • Wide variety of exotic hardwoods and FSC woods
  • Custom sizing and configurations
  • Arch top or Bent glass
  • Pre-finished custom stain colors standard
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Screen – stacking, pocketeing, pleated, or motorized systems available
  • Full manufactures warranty on product including finish
  • Triple pane, burglar resistant, and impact resistant glass
  • Installation services available



The space-saving opening of balcony doors with Lift&Slide sashes project into the room. Thanks to the generous window dimensions, plenty of light can enter the room which, together with the refined design, gives discerning customers a feeling of well-being.

  • Sash weights up to 900 lbs.
  • Frame external width up to 21 feet
  • Flush handle design


Our folding door systems are a perfect design solution for homeowners who want to expand their living space to the outside. Whether swinging inward or outward, our NFRC rated products may be configured in a wide array of operable schemes.

  • Made in USA
  • German Engineered
  • Multiple panel and passage configurations
  • European or domestic multi-point hardware systems
  • Top hung or bottom running systems
  • All wood, wood-aluminum, wood-bronze, thermally broken aluminum, or steel
  • Wide variety of exotic hardwoods
  • Custom stain colors standard
  • Triple pane, burglar resistant, and impact resistant glass
  • Full manufactures warranty on product including finish
  • Installation services available

Versatile Door Systems

We at Schotten Fenster work closely with our homeowners and their architects to create the custom home of their dreams. All of our windows and doors are custom made to order which means the sky’s the limit when designing with us. With Schotten Fenster’s numerous door system offerings, you can fully enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Folding DoorsImage

  • Multiple configurations
  • Unlimited size capabilities
  • Custom finishes are standard
  • Individually made to order
  • European design
  • All panels operable



Lift and Slide


  • European Design
  • Unlimited size capabilities
  • Stacking or Pocketing
  • Custom finishes standard
  • Individually made to order
  • Effortless sliding
  • Custom screen systems available



Balcony Doors


  • In-swing or out-swing
  • European design
  • Unlimited size capabilites
  • Custom finishes standard
  • Custom grid patterns
  • Decorative glazing
  • Individually made to order



Pocketing Doors


  • European design
  • Custom finishes standard
  • Multiple tracks available
  • Effortless sliding
  • Custom screens systems available
  • Individually made to order
  • Unlimited size capabilities

Tilt Turn Windows

Tilt turn windows are very common in European homes and are gaining in popularity with homeowners and architects here in the States. There are many features and benefits of a tilt turn window that make this European style window stand out from a standard casment window. Tilt turn window operation is simple and versatile, with just a single handle. These dual functioning windows are operated by turning the handle to different positions verticall and horizontal. For the tilt function, turn the handle vertical and the window will tilt inward approximatley 5 1/2″ allowing for superior ventilation that keeps heavy drafts and precipitation out. In addition, when the window is in the tilt position, your home is still safe from intruders. If you want to fully open the window, turn the handle to the horizontal position and it can be swung into the room for easy cleaning. All of Schotten Fenster’s tilt turn windows are installed with multi-point locking hardware that maintains continuous contact with the weather strip to keep out harsh weather and noise.


Features of Tilt Turn Windows:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Energy effecient
  • Dependable operation
  • Screen available
  • Single handle
  • Secure from intruders in the tilt position
  • Dual functioning
  • Draft free ventilation
  • European styling

Finished Products Quality

At a minimum, we use triple laminated lumber in our frames and sashes to provide maximum structural strength and insulating characteristics. This process of laminating our frames in this manner allows us to engineer the wood for strength and to optimize the efficient use of our wood stock, eliminating as much waste as possible. It also prevents us from having to use larger-diameter trees and still build a solid wood product.

Our joinery process is so precise that the gluing apprentice operating the joinery machine barely requires a rag to wipe away any excess water-based adhesive. We use double or triple rubber seals – two of which are fitted into routed channels instead of being attached with adhesives. All of our products use a Thermix warm spacer, providing and optimized thermal break. Our glazing is a silicone material that is water based, requiring no solvent other than water for application and clean-up.

All hardware is stainless steel, and is assembled into integrated multi-point locking systems which allow for the sash to literally compress the seals to the frame. This provides for maximum efficiency in controlling air or moisture passing between the sash and frame.


Made in the USA

We at Schötten Fenster have just completed our very first Made in the USA custom windows and doors for a home remodel. The top window of this window and door unit replaced three separate window units allowing the homeowners unobstructed views of the outdoors.

Greek ‘S’ Tile

Northern Roof Tiles has expanded their already extensive clay tile offerings by adding the Greek ‘S’ tile collection. This tile will give you all the traditional beauty of a Mediterranean style roof and is available in 11 natural colors and blends. For more information visit www.northernrooftiles.com.

Pieces Per Square: 94
Size: 18″ x 11¾”
Exposure: 15″ x 10¼”
Weight Per Tile: 7.7 lbs
Weight Per Square: 724 lbs
Squares Per Truck: 56
ASTM Grade 1
Manufacturer Warranty: First 50 Years